Sunday, September 15, 2013

How ineffective content marketing strategy can be catastrophic for your business in a B2B environment.

People don’t buy what you do; rather they buy why you do. In today’s ever changing competitive market place if you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to travel those extra miles to connect with your potential costumer. Now that everyone is having access to huge amount of information, people will question your motives undoubtedly & their emotional quotient will play a major role in judging your proposals. By 2010, 22 percent of the world's population had access to computers with 1 billion Google searches every day, 300 million Internet users reading blogs, and 2 billion videos viewed daily on YouTube.( According to Euromonitor, by 2020 43.7% of the world's population will be users of the Internet.The world wide web has almost 232000000 no of websites with newer ones coming everyday & if your content is not engaging with specific keywords then you have less chances of getting noticed in your costumer’s busy schedule. Here by content I limit myself to web content only as other forms of content are getting obsolete day by day.
Now let’s imagine a situation where your potential costumer has just returned from his office & resting on his couch with his Ipad. He may come across your content while checking out his mailbox, watching his son’s old photo on Facebook, commenting on a LinkedIn group topic, while reading a tweet from his favorite soccer fan or looking at a new movie trailer on YouTube.

So he has got very less time & doesn't give a shit about your product. His emotional stage can be at any level & he will generally be pissed off if you force him to read your content and might dislike you on his personal social media. So how do you connect or invade into his personal space without creating a negative effect. While browsing he suddenly finds out a video showing the new technology developed by your R&D team which can help solve municipal solid waste problems & he comes across a video showing its prototype working in a city. So it will trigger his thoughts towards your company as he faces these problems in his city on a daily basis and he can pride himself if his company becomes a part of your societal endeavor  So content marketing is being able to put forth the unique stories in formats like podcast, video or a small article but must give the reader that Aha moment. If your content is that good he might share it to rest of his connections or maybe talk about it in their company’s get together party.
Many marketing maestros argue about the frequency of content; whether it should be on a daily basis or more infrequent. What I personally believe is in a social media environment you should have that unique story to tell, else you may misfit yourself there. Hence you should appear when you are eligible to appear with your new story and remember to keep it brief and simple as you are taking a person’s personal time to tell your story & he is not in a working mood. Few studies suggest that content marketing is the next most major focus for companies working on a global platform after big data. Data was always there but it became relevant when companies realized that they can retrieve new data about their customers with less hassle now & with the passage of time their historical data became the real treasure while taking decisions. Companies have realized the worth of content marketing now & getting geared up to take it further but while doing so they must not create a negative effect by disturbing costumer’s personal spaces. Companies are making sure that their content doesn't get duplicated by competitors and it gets scrutinized by search engine optimization techniques to give better results. For a good content you definitely need a good team of website developers, professional writers, multimedia developers and graphic designers who can analyze situations & deliver according to that. Content marketing is not about selling; it is about disseminating information to people to gain the emotional connect & maintain your loyal consumer base.In today’s globalized market, it makes more sense gaining a personal attention & stand out of the crowd.

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