Saturday, May 17, 2008

mid exam goosebumps

hiii all.I just love blogging.Here I m able to confess anything .It is like an open mirror.Since the moment I am into blogging I feel like having a friend to whom I can speak out anything with few exceptions though which I manage to bring in as some facts cannot be published on internet,Hey guys do u know that I m writing this post in the midst of my 4th semester exams.Really I couldn't stop myself as our exams are going to be over by Monday and then I will be on my way to Joda --a mining city in Keonjhar district in orissa.This city is famous for iron ores .Elephants may come across you while travelling.Really I m not joking.Elephants come across the roads and block the vehicles often but I have never seen them harming anybody.They take away offered foods along with them while verifying each and every vehicle on the highway.Actually their jungles are being cut for mining purposes, so where will they go?Believe me the city is heavily polluted due to mining activities by industries.There are hundreds of big industries in the city.There was a day when it was pretty dangerous during night near the jungles but now the city is overcrowded with outsiders.
The price of commodities are very high there and there is no good living place as all are filled out with smoke.But venture out of Joda and you will find about more than 15 tourist places .Beautiful jungles and rivers.The nearby villages are full of tribal people and now they are suffering from the bad impact of industrialization.So ten days there as my brother is an Engineer out there in Tata sponge plant.I will undergo some industrial training as I have planned.Then I am returning to Bhubaneswar ,city of temples,city of comfort for me, the capital of orissa for summer training.I am planning to do some advanced java classes along with dot net classes.Actually we are a group of friends who are planning for some outing in the summer to some nearby place which will give us a nice break from this graduation rush.Then after 45 days of holidays I have to be back for my 3rd year and I am excited about the fact that we will be super seniors by then waiting eagerly for new people in the campus.Hoping to do some friendly ragging of the juniors but the principal seems to be very strict this time.It is time for dinner and I m feeling very hungry irrespective of the bad smell of our canteen in the college.Anyways appetite makes one forget everything like I have forgotten all tastes.

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