Thursday, November 26, 2009

Seems like I will be earning my own penny soon

By the way I have forgot to download my interview experience, first one of my life.It was awesome actually.whole day-
[morning 9.30A.M. to evening 6.30P.M.]

morning 9.00A.M;--I prepared from R.S. agrawal, recalled about last night and went ahead .Our placement officer instructed us about the eligibility criteria.Then the team arrived and for one hour presentation on vedanta resources  was carried out.
morning 10.30A.M.-Written test was started.Most of the questions were from R.S agrawal quantitative aptitude.
morning 12.00A.M.-Results of the written test was declared & I heard that two people from our branch are selected, me and one other.I suddenly prepared for the interview as they canceled the G.D. round at the last moment due to less nos of written qualified students.I looked at my project details,my summer training about PLC handbooks,PMS book by J.P. Bently within half an hour.
1.00P.M.-I reached the venue and the interviews were already started.My turn was 2nd from the last side.I was called at 3.30P.M.
3.30P.M.-I asked for permission and entered .Then I wished them and they offered me seat.They were two, one lady  looked at the CV only very thoroughly .The other sir took my interview asking about why less percentage in +2 and reason for one year gap between +2 and engineering.Then he asked me for about one hour on my project,SCADA,PLC,BMI,PMS,SS,float sensor,LVDT,PID controllers,ECG.He threw some jokes about his college life in the beginning.I told him about our ragging,late night games in the hostel. 5.00P.M.-I was selected and i signed the offer later immediately.I was happy and grateful to god. Then I underwent a lot of tests medical[ECG,TMT,Blood,etc etc long list] the next week.