Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We should never judge or view our lives connecting the dots forwards as future is extremely uncertain & volatile. We should connect the dots backwards as every dot in your life had a purpose. Whether it seemed a black dot does not matter. When you will be joining the dots backwards all of them seems right to you now. I will be definitely connecting my life’s dots backwards after 30 years or so & all of my decisions will seem fair to me as I did justice to each of them & the black dots won’t come to any picture then.

After graduating from my undergraduate engineering college my times flew in a nut shell. But it all seems fair now when I look back & connect the dots. I got transformed into a whole new professional avatar. I underwent a whole new era of aluminium industry witnessing the largest single site aluminium smelter of Vedanta Aluminium Limited in whole Asia being nurtured from a green field stage to the verge of a successful investment in a very short span of three years. It was fascinating & exciting to be with such a young bunch of group who were truly driven by passions & hard work. Delights came either in the form of a senior’s appraisal or a brand new gadget. I was either busy with a new challenging project or partying at a new wonderful hangout. I derived a lot of skills from my colleagues or senior managers either in the form of technical knowledge, team playing or at times decision making. It was always a new learning experience & a feel of achievement when a successful project was getting implemented. I got delighted seeing the machines going into action & the programs driving them fine, the things which I fantasized about during my engineering. I got a lot of fat, I toured lots of kilometres on my royal enfield  & made some amazing friends who are going to stay with my life forever. I learnt that it takes lots of sweat to generate a product and make it sellable. It was a challenge every time we received a new costumer complaint & we used to take oaths together to remove the flaw from the processes to ensure the costumer stays back with us. The business of aluminium metal fascinated me a lot just like the fascination I had for machines during my college life. We got successes in our team either implementing 5S on the shop floor or getting our smelter site ISO50001 (Enms) accreditation. All these fast & busy things kept me out from my blog for whole three years.
The fascination of machines grew towards the fascination of business & I resigned from my job to study business processes at great lakes institute of energy management & research. I observed the nuances caused by energy issues on the world economy. The resource primary for any business or basic living today is energy which is the core concern of almost all key policymakers around the world. I realized that the machines I had always fascinated about or my bike itself will stop the moment it will lack energy. So the biggest contribution to the society one can make is to make the hotter, flatter & crowded world energy efficient as well as energy sufficient, by the mean time sustaining the mother nature for our upcoming generations. The time has come for a true global revolution where we will witness a tremendous change in energy structure of economies either in the form up scaling of current technologies or whole new alternatives derived from the nature itself making the planet self sustainable with energy for us.

Many people complain about life not being fair for them when it is a universal truth that life isn’t fair for any person at all. It is always about making the moments count so that it seems fair in future when we connect the dots backwards. 


Bibhu Prasad Das said...

Its really very nice reading your blog bikash, I personally appreciate your idea of making earth self sustainable. we should leave up some thing for our future generations so that they could live peacefully and happily.

Bikash kumar mallick said...

Ya we owe them the planet & they will never forgive us if we don't do something now.