Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What excites us Indians the most

What excites us Indians the most?

This question struck me recently after the Mumbai gang rape incident. The answers I got from my friends were very diverse. Some said it is cricket, some said politics & few said Bollywood movies. I agree with them all but my question was what excites us the most and I couldn't find a justified answer. We are ready to break houses of cricketers if they lose a match, we demolish a famous Mosque for some historical myth, we even go insane for rising fuel prices. All of these actions we perform is tantamount to our cultural beliefs, our collective ego and economical priorities. But we never rise up to a cause which is basic and will affect our generations. Our ancestors were rich in knowledge but for them priority was our well being but we Indians have become so selfish today that we don't think about our children even. We have grown a habit of acceptance to whatever bad is happening around us. Media looses focus on a topic as soon as it sees the TRP going down. We can't blame the media because they are running a business and they are no way justice delivering agencies. The TRP goes down because we are not really concerned about the girl who suffered; rather we forget everything as soon as our family members are safe. The justice delivery system in India is slow, the government policies are bad, police is inefficient & a lot of other excuses to hide our own inability is causing the problems our society is facing today. We never react to a person passing some lewd comment to a girl on the road because we think it is casual but how about a person passing a comment at you & that too a vulgar one. We think it is casual in India but the person who passed the comment, gains the confidence & moves a step forward. In India every 20 minutes a woman is raped and it makes the woman of India less confident & more pessimistic. We teach our daughters to stay at home as much as possible but isn't it hampering India's growth as they can add so much value to our economy. The day we won't be able to digest our food while listening to a rape case, that day will call for a true national awakening.If we don't wake up now there will be a time when we will be like Taliban countries & believe me that will be a hell of a country for our daughters.

 Our country derives it's roots from ancient religious mythologies & I remember the Mahabharata where lord Krishna came for the rescue of Draupati. We need the intervention of lord Krishna now to save our daughters from the evil and Krishna resides in each one of us.If we don't act now our future generation will never forgive us for the mess we have created for them as a country. 

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