Monday, September 9, 2013

happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is worshiped throughout the world as the god of education.knowledge,wealth & wisdom.We worship Ganesha first before initiation of any ritual as per the provisions offered to him by his father lord Shiva.Ganesha's ubiquitous presence at all places justifies why people believe him to be the deity who grants prosperity & success during adversities.Great Lakes Gurgaon students organized Ganesha Chaturthi with huge enthusiasm to seek the blessings of the almighty for their overall academic endeavors and well being.

Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations at great lakes happened to be a sweet remembrance of the golden school days.I have spent sleepless nights during my school days waiting curiously to watch my school buddies marching towards the school gate wearing recently bought attire with a package containing coconut,incense sticks & fruits.It used to be a festivity season for all of us spanning over a week long working on different activities around the school like cleaning,painting & decorating to invite elephant headed Vinayaka into our premises.The best part about it all was witnessing new kids joining the club scripting Om sign on a chanted slate.The clay made Ganesha comes into life once the puja starts & the idol itself teaches us life's greatest lessons like the big belly prescribing us to digest all the good and bad things in life wholeheartedly,the broken tusk teaching us that a sacrifice is needed for the pursuit of wisdom,large ears to listen to others carefully and the big head suggesting us to think out of the box.I wish everyone on this planet learns these lessons from the idol of Vinayaka.The mouse that he uses teaches us to be humble towards everybody & the sweets he holds are the testimonies to hard work that is needed to add sweetness into our lives. Ganesha was born due to his mother Parvati's requirements for guarding her and the brave Ganesha guarded it till his head got severed by his own father Shiva.The name Ganesha was given by Shiva because "Gana" means followers of Shiva & "Isha" means lord.Man's eternal strive to be part of the nature is clearly portrayed in Ganesha's idol which is a combination of four creatures-man,elephant,mouse & snake.Ganesha signifies the nature of elephants who are very warm and don't kill anybody in the jungle but become ruthless for the evils.I wish all readers a happy Ganesh Chaturthi and pray for the well being of planet.

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